WHO ARE WE? – Battees



Battees started off with the idea of spreading smiles;
and smiles for no reason at all, because, well, why not?
We then went ahead to using post as a medium to spread the love.

Battees brings together two most beautiful and creative fields: Art and Writing. The family aims to spread smiles by promoting thoughtful communication, and Art becomes the vehicle to initiate these conversations, which are fast getting lost in this high-paced lifestyle.

We strongly think that Stamps are meant to be Stamped and Postcards are meant to be Posted. And we believe, even more so, that the combination of a beautiful postcard, a perfectly picked stamp and a thoughtful message can bring one of the biggest smiles across a loved one’s face. As they say, the greatest gift you can give someone is the Gift of Time, because when you are giving someone your time, you are giving them a portion of your Life that you will never get back. The whole drill of writing to someone captures a part of you that the super fast connectivity today can seldom hold on to.

Have a look a the kind of events and projects we have taken up so far,
Or read what the newspapers and celebrities say about us and letter writing 🙂

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