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Battees has organised its very own letter writing carnival called Daakroom, with competitions, events and workshops around writing and post, as well as campaigns to promote letter writing, especially amongst students. Apart from making them write letters to their loved ones, these interactions provide an opportunity to have a dialogue around the relevance of handwritten communication in today’s digital world, and leave them with a thought to continue writing.

62,000 letters written through ‘Letter to my Supermom’ 3rd edition
May 2019, pan India, Mother’s Day Campaign in 54 cities & 144 schools/organisations
Sponsored by JK Paper

2,000 ‘Letters for Kumbh’ written & posted by students
inviting their friends and relatives from other cities to the Kumbh Mela, telling them about all the efforts being taken up to make it comfortable for them and the do’s and don’t’s (also acted as an awareness programme)
November 2018, Prayagraj
Sponsored by Kumbh Mela Pradhikaran, Prayagraj

10,000 Plantable Postcards written through ‘Back to Soil’
with inspiring messages by children, encouraging their friends and neighbours to plant through the seed postcards given to them
October 2018, Bengaluru
Sponsored by JK Paper

Independence Day 2018 – Letters to soldiers
August 2018, pan India
#SocialforSoldiers – Postcards written to soldiers at Social outlets across India
#SuperTroopers – Postcards written to soldiers at Smokehouse Deli outlets across India

27,000 letters written through ‘Letter to my Supermom’ 2nd edition
May 2018, pan India, Mother’s Day Campaign in 34 cities
Sponsored by JK Paper

The Write Up
February to April 2018, NCR wide Student Creative Writing Challenge, questioning the Relevance of Paper in Future
Sponsored by JK Paper

5,000 letters written by tribal students to their families in Odisha
July 2017, in Cuttack, Khurda, Dhenkanal and Keonjhar districts
Sponsored by ST & SC Development Department, Govt. of Odisha

16,000 letters written through ‘Letter to my Supermom’
May 2017, pan India Mother’s Day Campaign
Sponsored by JK Paper

6,000 letters written at Daakroom – the letter writing carnival, Chandigarh
February 2017, at Rotary house & Elante Mall
In partnership with India Post, Rotary Mohali, My FM, Hindustan Times, sponsored by JK Paper

1,000 letters written at Daakroom – the letter writing carnival, Allahabad
September 2016, at NCZCC
In partnership with India Post, Red FM, title sponsor Gold’s Gym, associate sponsors Titan Eye+, Karv, Bookwala

You can click here to read what the newspapers have to say about our work.



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Battees has hosted postcard writing at numerous cultural events, exhibitions, public spaces and colleges. The motive is to engage the public in writing, by providing everything from beautifully illustrated/photographed postcards, to stationery, a writing table, a letterbox, and everything they need to know about writing to their loved one.

15th-17th December, Comic Con, NSIC Complex, Delhi
17th-18th February, Students’ Fest at Jesus & Mary College, Delhi

24th July, Postcard writing, in collaboration with India Post, at Raahgiri, Delhi
7th February, Write to the Army, in collaboration with India Post, Cubbon Park, Bangalore
31st January, Postcard and letter writing, in collaboration with India Post, Cubbon Park, Bangalore

4th-5th December, Comic Con, NSIC Complex, Delhi
3rd-5th April, Comic Con, White Orchid Convention Centre, Bangalore

7th-9th February, Comic Con, Thyagraj Stadium, Delhi

27th-29th December, Weekend Window Exhibition, Goodies Restaurant, Ahmedabad
14th-15th December, Cultural Fair, Natrani, Ahmedabad
26th October, Chitrakatha – Animation Movie Festival, National Institute of Design Campus, Ahmedabad
9th October, World Post Day, National Institute of Design Campus, Ahmedabad



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Students are one of the most impressionable audiences, and are also the ones who know the least about handwritten communication and post, as they are constantly surrounded by electronic media and faster forms of communication.

Battees is on a mission to introduce students to the magical medium of letters and postcards, so they also get an opportunity to see the beauty of writing to someone, of them receiving it, and perhaps, even getting a reply. It’s a simple, humble attempt to bring the formal and informal letters children have been writing for decades out of their notebooks and into the letterbox!

Over the years, Battees has conducted workshops and activities in several schools in Delhi, Karnataka, West Bengal, Chandigarh, Uttar Pradesh and Odisha, and has reached schools in several other states through its campaigns.



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At corporate events, writing and postcards become a medium to connect the guests, or the audience. They also communicate how the company itself stands for strengthening personal relationships, and encourages the same. In turn, the audience is given a refreshing opportunity to write to their loved ones in a place they least expect it!

A restaurant, too, comes as a good place to remember people in one’s life, while one waits for the order, if one’s missing a friend at a gathering, or if a certain dish or a particular song reminds one of someone and one wants to tell them so.

Battees has even experimented on how to engage the audience at a restaurant, to convince them to take out a few precious minutes to post a smile to someone.

Thalaivar restaurant, Delhi | National Postal Week postcard writing, October 2016

Bean Here café, Allahabad | Postcard writing, January 2016

HP Print Round the clock | HP Printer promotion with Communique marketing
NOIDA, December 2015 and Gurgaon, February 2016

Firehouse Bar & Grill, Bangalore | Post-a-coaster, June 2015

Archohm, NOIDA | Company celebration, May 2015

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